The Whistle-snaps!

by Ryan Rowell on January 27, 2008

So now that Alanah has signed on with Potentials Model and Talent Agency, I thought we would get her back in the studio for another modeling photo shoot, just to get her practicing being in front of the camera.

She brought the cutest party dress, and we took some really fun, vintage style shots. She is getting to be a real modeling pro! She knows exactly what she wants to wear, and exactly what angles we should be shooting her at, and she even schedules her own breaks. It’s pretty hilarious!

Oh yes, if you are wondering why this article is called “the whistle-snaps” its because Alanah told me during the shoot that she can snap and whistle at the same time and her brothers can’t, so the last photo is Alanah doing her Whistle-snaps!.


Thanks Holly for bringing her out again, next time coffee is on us!

Erika & Ryan

This first set of 3 images is my favorite, I have wanted to do a vintage 1950’s inspired shoot of a child for a while now. I actually found the inspiration in an old 1950’s children’s illustration book. I finally found the right kid who just happened to have the perfect dress.


The more I look at these images the more I fall in love with them, not just because I love vintage photography, or sepia, but because the, to me, are simple and honest images of a little girl. My original inspiration was to have the little girl skipping just like the illustration I saw, but our studio isn’t quite that big. One day, fingers crossed, we will have a massive studio.


…and a little color. I think Alanah looks very Shirley Temple in the 2nd shot.


When Ryan and I saw this shot in editing later that day, we just had to laugh. We have no idea what expression this is, but it is priceless and so Alanah.


The Whistle-Snaps!